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Process Measurement

From RTDs to Disposable Thermo-couples, and now with the latest Non-Contact type temperature pyrometers, we are the leading manufacturers of sensors used for temperature, pressure, flow, level and humidity measurement.

Process Measurement product range includes:
Temperature Sensors RTD/Thermocouples assemblies
Temperature Transmitters
Pressure, Vacuum and Compound transmitters

Non-contact temperature measurement solutions and systems

Level transmitters (hydrostatic type etc.).

Ultrasonic, Capacitance, Magnetic Flow and Level measurement products


Signal Conditioning

For huge process plants where the signal needs to be  transport-ed from the field to the control room 10-500m away, we have devised special transmitters that work on 2wires (supply and signal riding the same  loop), which can be easily connected to our

 indicators at far ends of a plant, so that the operators can work from a safer distance.
From DC to DC,AC to DC, Digital to Digital conversion, and isolation with distribution we have mastered the technique to deliver the correct Process Value to your desk!!!
Signal Conditioning product range includes:
Signal Isolators/Repeaters/Multiplexers
I/P, E/P Converters
DC Voltage/Current Transducers
AC Parameter Electrical transducers
Thyristor heater controllers & control systems

Universal Indicators/On-off/PID Controllers
Digital Bargraph Indicators
Automanual Loaders
Electric Valve Positioners
Flow Indicating Totalizers/Batchers
Temperature/Pressure Compensated Flow Totalizers

Scanning & Logging

A very special range of devices developed by Lectrotek, for measuring multiple process values at different locations on the field at a single place.

With the facility of On-Site programmability in our univer-sal input Scanners we have

focused on the future expansion/modification needs of the user in the simplest way possible.
With built-in Relay o/p, PC or Printer Connectivity, and inbuilt memory (RTC based data logging) with 12- bit ADC, we not only make the PLCs/SCADA designs less critical, but also ensure high accuracy and high featured service!!!
Scanning & Logging product range includes:
Digital 8-point 881 series
Universal input scanners UniScan-series
Higher end scanners with A/N displays, capacity upto 128


With the launch of our latest devices- 0.2Class Load Manager, and 0.2Class Energy Master, we have reached to a place next to perfection, not only in terms of accuracy and reliability, but also in terms of providing best cost-effective solution, for the same Class of Accuracy.
With the facility to keep your energy consumption in limits, you not only save money, but also your expensive systems that work on it.
Electrical Metering product range includes:

ELTRAN-series Current, Voltage, Power, Frequency, PF Transducers.

DYNA-SM series DC Current, Voltage and Differential Voltage Transducers

INDEL-series Energy meters (KWH) and Voltage / Current/VAF meters.

ENERGY MASTER-series Multifunction Meters, Trivector Meters, Load Managers

EMS-SCADA Energy Monitoring Systems


PC based Data Acquisition/SCADA System

The latest solution for monitoring your plant at a single glance is not a distant dream anymore, as we at Lectrotek now provide, easy, user friendly GUI based DAS/SCADA, that beat any complicated and huge PLC
system, not only in terms of technology and cost, but also in terms of size and throughput.
Low cost and same efficiency as that of a PLC-SCADA
Complete overview of the plant through graphical simulation and animation
More compact than PLC
Custom Designed user interface
Useful for complete analysis of the process and fault detection.

Calibration & Custom Products

We, at Lectrotek have a policy to serve the customer, to the maximum possible extent, even if it takes us to get support from various well estab-lished international  organizations like...

Calibration & Custom product range includes:


Agency Products
We, at Lectrotek have a policy to serve the customer, to the maximum possible extent, even if it takes us to get support from various well established inter-national  organizations like...
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