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With the launch of our latest devices- 0.2Class Load Manager, and 0.2Class Energy Master, we have reached to a place next to perfection, not only in terms of accuracy and reliability, but also in terms of providing best cost-effective solution, for the same Class of Accuracy.
With an inbuilt valve-positioner unit in our PIDs, we eliminate the need of unnecessary complication, and expansion of the system, hence reducing the overall cost.

Model - Energy Master


ENERGY MASTER series Multifunction Meters, Trivector Meters and Load Managers
Lectrotek manufactures ENERGY MASTER-series Multifunction Meters, Trivector Meters and Load Managers as per Class 0.2S and 0.5S of IEC-687 standard. The meters provide information of over 35 AC parameters, including instantaneous readings of phase-wise current, voltage, active/reactive/apparent power, Power Factor, Demand etc. as well as billing in terms of Active (Wh), Reactive (VARh) and Apparent (VAh) stored in monthly and cumulative energy registers.

Energy Master is available with following functions
Basic Model ; Trivector Meter / Multifunction Meter (Class 0.5 / 0.2 IEC 687)
With Energy Audit function with 35-day energy data logs as per CEA/MEA norms.
Load Manager functions with 6 relays outputs
Common Specifications for Energy Master Series

CT Inputs :

3 x 0-1A or 0-5A

PT Inputs : 3 x 415V or 110 V Line-Line (3-wire loads)
3 x 240V 0r 63.5V Line-Neutral (4-wire Loads)
CT/PT ratios : Programmable from keyboard
Display : 3 nos. displays (4 , 4 and 6-digit) for various parameters
LEDs to indicate current page displays (e.g. V1-V2-V3, I1-I2-I3)
Instant : Phase Currents, Voltages, Power (Wh/VARh/VAh)
Current VA/W/VAR Demand on 15/30 minute integration cylce
Billing : Monthly and cumulative registers for active/reactive/apparent energy
Registers : 6-digits for Monthly Energy and 10-digit for Cumulative (non-resettable) Energy
MD : Billing parameter Maximum demand on VA/W/VAR is stored.
Isolation : 2KV between Input and power supply.
Aux. Power : 90-270 VAC, 50Hz AC versions.
Calibration : Digital PC-based calibration

Mounting : Surface / DIN-rail mounted
  Versions   Energy Master Series
1. Basic Model   Energy master
In Accuracy Class 0.2S or Class 0.5S as per IEC_687
2. Audit Function   Energy master Multifunction Trivector Meter Energy Master
With Logging of Energy Data for Energy Audit as per CEA/MEA norms

Audit software is developed under CEA/MEA norms
  Log Capacity   Storage capacity minimum 35 days with 15 minute time interval
  Data Parameters   Following data is logged in audit meter as per CEA/MEA norms:
Phase-wise VA,W,VAR at peak VA
Phase-wise Voltages at peak VA
VAh, Wh, VARh
Power downtime with 15 minute window accuracy
Average Power factor
Tamper events with energy sign bit with 15 minute window accuracy
  Data Retrieval   Log data can be retrieved for audit analysis by windows-based uniMaster software

3. Load Functions   With Load manager functions with 6-relays for load management
  Relays   6 built-in relays for programmable load management functions
  Relay Type   Potential-free contacts, C/O type, 7A, 20 VAC, for resistive loads
  Relay Functions   Relays assignable to operate on set limits on following parameters
- Phase-wise Voltage for under/over voltage or power loss monitoring
- Phase-wise Current for under/over current or power loss monitoring
- Line Frequency for power pant / generator protections
- Power VA, W & VAR for power alarm/monitoring purposes
- VA Demand for demand management function load-shedding
  Programming   From front panel keyboard



Model - INDEL-WH Electronic Active Energy (Wh) Meters

The ELTRAN-series Transducers are used to measure AC parameters (Current, Voltage, Power, Frequency) and provide a standard DC signal in terms of 4-20mA or 0-10V DC etc.


Type :

3 Phase 3-Wire type and 4-wire Type

CT Inputs : 0-1A or 0-5A
PT Inputs : 415V or 110 V Line-Line (3-wire loads)
240V 0r 63.5V Line-Neutral (4-wire Loads)
CT/PT ratios :

Programmable from keyboard

Display :

6-digits for Energy (WH), LED for M(Mega) or K(Kilo) WH.
LEDs to indicate pulses per KWH as per meter constant

Accuracy :

Class 1 as per IEC-13779

Mounting : Panel cutout 92 x 46 mm / 92 x 92 mm cutout option.

Model - INDEL-WH Electronic Active Energy (Wh) Meters





ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM EMS-SCADA using Energy master-series Multifunction Meters.

EMS-SCADA System using Energy master-series Multifunction Meters.

ENERGY MASTER-series Multifunction Meters/ Trivector Meters/Load Managers can be used in stand-alone mode as well as part of RS-485 port connected Energy Management System EMS-SCADA.

The EMS-SCADA provides easy to handle Window-based functionality and provides information on electrical loads for individual, machine-wise, sub-station, transformer etc. GUI shows Singlel Line diagram (SLD), Energy Balance, Plant-wise consumptions, and daily/weekly/monthly graphs & reports of load fluctuations etc. Load management functions of voltage, curremt, frequency, VA demand, PF etc. monitoring and tripping are carried out through individual load relays in the Energy Master, and /or PLC-based tripping, under supervisory control from EMS-SCADA. Modbus-RTU communication makes communication with other vendor software easy.





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