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Site Configurable Data Acquisition System Software UniDAS
Version suitable for Lectrotek Uniscan-series Scanners

Custom version for other Lectrotek products (LTRON-series, Genie-series, UTRON-series etc. communicating products)

Connects Uniscan-series scanners (single/multiple) with PC-desktop
Low cost approach, affordable software
Configurable Scanner channel tags names, descriptions. ranges
Configurable on any RS-232 serial ports on PC
Compatible with Windows-XP upwards O/S
Requires minimal hard disk space (2 GB) for program and operation
Easy menu driven configuration and operation

Standard displays Parameter displays, Dynamic Trending, History, Alarm/event logs, Day Log reports, and MS-EXCEL conversion.

75 Tags, 150 Tags, 300 Tags and 500 Tags versions

Typical System Configuration


1 device and distance less than 15m from PC



1 device and/or distance less than 15m from PC



2 devices or more (UniSCAN-series) & distance upto 1000m from PC



  UniScan-series Universal Input Scanners
Input : Programmable RTDs, thermocouples, 4-20mA, 1-5VDC etc.
Channels : 16 channels (for UniDAS software standard version)
Alarms : 2 nos. alarms programmable for every channel on High/Low basis
Communication Port : Rs-485 serial port default. Rs-232 port upon order
Protocols : Modbus-RTU communication protocol

(All Uniscan-series scanners have same protocol/addresses, and differ in dimemsions only). Refer to Uniscan-series catalog for more details.

  RSCC RS-232 to RS-485 Converter
Input/output : RS-232 / RS-485 (bi-directional), isolated.
Power : 90-270 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Connections : RS-232 D-connector, pins 2,3,5 (Rx-Tx-Gnd)
      RS-485 by screwed terminals for max. 1.5 mm² wire size.

Windows operating software (XP 0r latter), minimum 2GB hard-disk space availability, RS-232 serial port for connecting Uniscan direct or through RSCC, and parallel/USB ports for printing reports. Printer 80-column dot-matrix, Ink-Jet or Laser printers as required by user (A4-size paper).

  Communication Cables

Uniscan Scanner to RSCC RS-485

: Relimate connector

RSCC to RSSC (daisy chain)

: 3-core shielded cable (A/B/G)
RSCC to PC : D-connector 9-core (1-1 connection)

Graphic user interface (GUI) and configurable PC serial ports


Pull down menus and icons for configuration and operation (left screen) and configurable PC’s port as per availability (e.g. com port 4).


Configuration of device Tag nos, Description, Engg. units


UniDAS allows easy configuaration of channel-wise Tag name, description and engineering unit of the UniSCAN’s inputs, for easy association. For instance, Uniscan of 16 channels may have inputs from temperature, pressure, flow, level connected on each of its 4 channels. These channels can be displayed with user programmable Tag name, description and engg. unit for every channel (example – PIC 302, Reactor Top Pressure and kg/cm²)


Displays via Parameter Mode


Standard UniDAS contains no mimics and displays process parameters in tabular formats with programmable log in intervals. With customization, GUI (Graphic User Interface) can be supplied as per client process requirements.

Displays via Parameter Mode
  GUI (Graphic User Interface) as per client process requirements (custom).
Trend Curves (dynamic and history)

UniDAS can fulfill your time-versus-parameter plotting needs without costly chart / hybrid / paperless recorders. All data is logged into the PC’s memory at user programmed log interval, and can be displayed on PC screen as trends in dynamic mode (current data) or history (past data). Number of channels per PC screen can be selected by users, as well as compressed range spans for more details.

PC-based trending has advantages over conventional chart/paperless recorders:

UniDAS PC-based Trending

Conventional Trending


Costly (paperless / hybrid recorders)

Large screen for easy monitoring

Small screens - 100mm/5.4”/10”

Hard disk storage – cheap, long term

Flash memory – limited capacity

No paper wasted – print as required. Reports can be retrieved and emailed

Paper rolls in recorders are recurring expense and hard to store/retrieve


UniDAS records all data in a daily log file named as DDMMYY, and reports can be generated by a conversion utility in the UniDAS for converting the logged data into MS-EXCEL. This can be used for generating reports, editing, pie charts, bargraph formats etc. as enabled by MS-EXCEL.

  UniDAS Ordering Information


UniDAS package size: 75 / 150/300/500 tags (tag is the I/O uploaded to DAS)
Quantity of Uniscan/s required and type (see Uniscan-series catalogs for details)
Quantity of RS-232/RS-485 Converters required: For RS-485 devices, 1 no. is required, for devices with Rs-232 ports, additional 1 no. per device is required.
RS-485 Communication cable: 3-core shielded cable – in running meters.

  Scope of Supply
UniDAS package on CD/DVD media with 1 licence
Uniscan/s required
RS-485 Converters RSCC – as per system configuaration
Individual UniScan cable – 3 meters
RS-485 3-core shielded cable – as per quantity (100m coil)
UnDAS and UniSCAN manuals in hard copy and on CD
  UniSCADA – Supervisory Control System

UniSCADA is higher end Supervisory Control system and connects Lectrotek Controllers of Genie-series, UTRON-series and LTRON-series to the DAS. In addition to data logging and other functions of UniDAS described above, it enables setpoint changes, auto-manual switchover, forced closure of control valves etc. from the system and is suitable for closed loop control.



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